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Burgers for Two

How many times can I do a post on these burgers before I start losing followers? I hope a lot more, because we LOVE them. Bowen tries to eat responsibly on the road so when he pops in for a weeknight he wants something good, in his words something along the lines of steak, potatoes, pasta and cheese.

I thought about making a braised shank or roasting a rack of lamb, but it is SUMMER TIME (my favorite) so burgers came to mind-thanks mom:) Both of us have been spoiled by these house-ground burgers my mom makes, I now do not have an option but to crank these out for Bo when we are cooking burgers. We already had a small filet leftover from a few days ago, so we made a quick trip to Whole foods for 8 oz of beef short ribs (without the bone we got 6 oz of meat).

For house-ground burgers for 2 here is what you need:
4 oz filet, cubed
8 oz beef short rib, cubed
1 tsp kosher salt
cracked pepper
burger fixing

Cube beef into one inch cubes and freeze for 20 minutes, run meat through grinder alternating cuts until fully ground, salting each layer.After the meat is ground, lay beef on a 1/2 sheet tray, cover it, and then lay another 1/2 sheet on top and presses until the ground beef is fully flat and even (this ensures equal burgers). When your ready to fire the grill up, portion the patty’s. Grill to medium/medium rare and serve however you like.

For the roasted potato wedges
1 1/2 russet potato, cut into wedges
1/2 c sour cream
1/4 c green onion, chopped
1 bunch of parsley, chopped
1 bunch of rosemary, roast along with potatoes

I am so thankful to have my herb garden back–it gets too pricey buying fresh herbs from the store every week only to go bad before I use them up. For these wedges, I roasted the potatoes with 1 T olive oil, salt and cracked pepper, and rosemary on 400 for 20 or so minutes until crisp. At this point sprinkle parmesan on potatoes and broil for few minutes. Serve along with sour cream herb dip. Chop herbs and green onion and stir in sour cream.

AND a big thanks to Mollie for the delicious fizzy soda she brought home from Nashville–we certainly enjoyed this summer cocktail with our burger 🙂