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Daily Dose of Sugar: Cheesecake & Caramel Sauce

You are not going to BELIEVE how easy caramel sauce is to make. I will never buy store-bought again. EVER. This sauce would just be delicious on some homemade ice-cream, which we have been talking a lot about this week (ice-cream is made from creme anglaise–the recipe is posted on April 3rd blog.)

Here’s how you do it: Caramel sauce–¬† the ratio of sugar to water is 2:1, combine in saucepan over high heat, bring to boil (B-t-B), watch closely as this process happens quick, as soon as you get the desired amber color, take off the heat, vigorously¬†
whisk in heavy cream (8 oz), and 1 oz of butter. DONE and it’s delicious. Can’t wait to cut into the cheesecake tonight, will let you know how it is and post the recipe.