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Finished Final Practicals

I think I might have done pretty good today. I got chicken, of course. I said all week that I’d do anything ANYTHING for fish. Of course I got chicken but y’all I told Bowen that was one of the funnest things I have ever done. I loved the rush, the hustle, the creating, and watching it all come together. It was just too dang hectic to take a picture of my finished entrée and app. I managed to snap a photo of my appetizer. I was given a WHOLE chicken and instructed to break it down into 8 primal pieces, then use those piece for my protein in my entree and app.

I initially thought I would have a whole salmon. I was ready to grab some avocado, cilantro, and lime for a ceviche starter. NOPE. For my app, I seared my chicken thighs, skin on and finished in oven to 145 degrees (after carry over cooking they reached the right temp of 165). Then I cooled down the chicken thighs and took the meat off the bone. I made a mushroom ragout (recipe HERE) with shallot and garlic, I deglazed with white wine and chicken stock (instead of veal stock) then reduced and added cream and fresh herbs.  Finally I combined thigh meat and mushroom ragout and topped on grilled baguette rubbed with garlic.

This is the WORST picture of my entree. It was taken after Chef tasted and graded. It was delicious though, I seared seasoned chicken breast skin side down, then finished them in the oven. I made a pan sauce using white wine, shallots, chicken stocked (reduced), and finished with cream and fresh herbs. My starch was an easy peasy rice pilaf and a vegetable portion of sauteed haricoverts. So thankful it’s over!! Now, back to baking 🙁